Canada West Ringette Teams - 1990 & 1992

Canada West Ringette Teams - 1990 & 1992


1990 & 1992 Canada West

Ringette Teams

Inducted in 1994

Ringette, similar to hockey, is a fast paced game with a ring and straight stick used by the skaters instead of a puck and bladed stick. In 1992, the Ice Hall in Helsinki, Finland set the stage for the second World Ringette Championships. Canada was represented by a Western and Eastern team. Both teams made it through round robin play undefeated, but when they faced each other, only one Canadian victor could emerge. With the scored tied at five and 25 seconds left in the game, Calgary's Lisa Brown got the ring past the opposing goalie for her third goal of the game to win the gold medal for Canada. Team Alberta was the top ringette team in the world in 1990, also. Team Alberta was comprised of all-star players from across Alberta.

1990 & 1992 Canada West Ringette Team

Anderson, Tamara

Diduck, Judy

Kondrosky, Diana

Richards, Jackie

Annala, Cindy

Fenton, Sandy

McGurk, Cathy  (T)

Rogers, Jennifer

Brown, Cara

Flath, Shauna

McKernan, Tamara

Wheelans, Lyndsay

Brown, Lisa

Gillespie, Anne

Merek, Deb

White, Karen (C)

Buzak, George (S)

Govenlock, Cheryl (C)

Olson, Susan

Willis, Francis*  (S)

Chapdelaine, Nicole

Hanny, Stacey

Orr, Tanya

Wood, Janine

Chomik, Shauna

Hanson, Heather

Reeves, Holly

Wood, Reg

Cook, Jenny

Ironside, Tami

Reynolds, Shelley

Zwarych, Kristal

Curran, Susan

Canada West

1990 & 1992 Ringette Teams

Inducted in 1994

Since Induction

The 1990 and 1992 Teams were inducted into the Ringette Canada Hall of Fame in 2005.

The following team members have also been inducted into the Ringette Canada Hall of Fame:

Deb Marek (2001), Lyndsay Wheelans (2002), Cara Brown (2002), Lisa Brown (2008), Cindy Annala (2008), Judy Diduck (2009), and Shelley Reynolds (2011).


The following team members have been inducted into Ringette Canada’s Hall of Fame

2001 – Deb Marek, Athlete

2002 – Lyndsay Wheelans, Coach

2002 – Cara Brown, Athlete

2005 – 1990 & 1992 Canada West Teams

2008 – Lisa Brown, Athlete

2008 – Cindy Annala, Athlete

2009 – Judy Diduck, Athlete - June 13, 2009.

2011 – Shelley Reynolds (married name Derewianka)

Update: August 2010 (Judy Diduck), July 2019 (other RCHoF induction news).

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