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Speed Skating

Speed Skating

How soon can I open a doob)store? How long does the process take?

From first inquiry to opening a doob)store, the process takes several months, all depending on a number of factors.

What does the franchisee need to do in the context of cooperation?

The Franchisee raises capital in a six-digit scale (€), provides a location with high-speed internet connection, runs the doob store with his staff and is responsible for local doob store advertisement and PR.

How does doob contribute to a partnership?

doob offers a business-model, 3D technology and profound know-how. Further doob provides branding and CI/CD materials (display pieces, figurines) and a store design, of course the 3D scanner (dooblicator) including initial tests and training sessions as well as 3D modeling and 3D printing. doob takes care of overall brand advertising and can potentially give individual support.

What are the typical workflows look like?

  • doob)store (franchisee) does the scanning and receives the customer payments
  • doob)store transfers the data to doob
  • doob (franchisor) is responsible for 3D modeling and 3D printing and ships printed figurines to the store
  • doob store provides the figurines to the customers

How is the process after contract signature and completion of down payment?

Step 1: getting a floor plan and planning shop (furnishing, marketing etc.)

Step 2: rest of the payment, scanner assembly and staff training by doob

Step 3: grand opening of the doob)store

Which monthly costs have to be considered?

On top of your independent store management, main expenses are monthly costs for 3D modelling and 3D printing.

This project is ongoing and as such not all the sports have been completed at this time. If you feel that you could contribute your time and knowledge to one of the incomplete sports please contact the museum at info@albertasportshall.ca.

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