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 The Hall offers a diverse range of interactive games and activities to engage visitors in various sports and recreational experiences. Let's break down some of the highlights:


1.      Multi-Sport Area:

  • Virtual baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer provide a dynamic and immersive experience.

  • Participants use real equipment to kick, shoot, or throw at a virtual screen, adding a hands-on element to the virtual games.


2.      Treadwall Climbing Wall:

  • This offers a unique climbing experience where participants climb on a revolving wall.

  • It provides a challenging and fun way to engage in physical activity.


3.      Golf Putting Area:

  • A dedicated space for golf enthusiasts to practice their putting skills.

  • Offers a focused and skill-specific activity.


4.      200m Wheelchair Race:

  • Inclusivity is highlighted with the inclusion of a wheelchair race, providing an opportunity for all visitors to participate in a sporting event.


5.      Inflatable Curling Rink 

  • Practice your game on a full-size inflatable curling rink sponsored by the Northern Alberta Curling Association


6.      Bubble Hockey

  • Throwback to this classic game in the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame


Overall, the combination of virtual sports, physical challenges like climbing and putting, inclusive activities like the wheelchair race, and nostalgic games creates a well-rounded and engaging experience for visitors with varied interests and abilities. It is a place that caters to both sports enthusiasts and those looking for a fun and interactive way to experience different activities.

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