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We Are Coming To You!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Education Team is embarking on a journey to bring Alberta’s Sports Heroes and Sports Heritage directly to schools across the province. From Grand Prairie to Medicine Hat, we’re eager to connect with communities such as Vegreville, Coaldale, Coronation, and Edson.

Our goal is to inspire the youth in your area by sharing the stories and experiences of local sporting

heroes. We’re committed to making a meaningful impact and fostering a love for sports within your community.

As we travel, we’ll make every effort to bring along your local sporting heroes, giving students the chance to hear firsthand about their incredible journeys in the world of sports.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Reach out to us today to schedule a visit from our team to your

community. Let’s work together to inspire and empower the next generation through the rich tapestry of Alberta’s sports history.


Proud supporter of the Beyond the Classroom Education Program

Invite our dedicated staff and esteemed Honoured Members to your doorstep!

Our programs offer hands-on artifact exploration, physical literacy activities, and distinctive learning opportunities—all within the comfort of your own space.

For both the Lasting Traditions and Adaptive Sports programs, be prepared for an engaging experience that includes physical literacy components. Ensure you have a larger open space available to fully embrace and participate in these dynamic elements.

Let the learning unfold in the convenience of your surroundings!

How to Book:

1. Choose an Education Package

  • Choose from the 3 programs detailed below. 

  • Every education program has a combination of physical literacy and structured learning.

  • These programs are designed for a recommended class size of 10-30 students.

  • We can teach multiple classes at one in a gymnasium setting

2. Phone 403-341-8614 or email

We will need the following information:

  • School name, address, phone number

  • Contact name, phone number, and e-mail address

  • Date and time of the request

  • Number of students and grade level

  • Education module

Cost of Outreach Programs:

$75.00 / Class

We encourage schools to book in multiple classes for the same date to maximize the experience for as many students as possible. We are happy to teach multiple programs while we are there.

Teaching Packages

Choose from three different packages below depending on student grade levels. 
Kindergarten - Grade 4: 40-minute educational model
Grade 4 - Grade 8: 60-minute educational model
Grade 6 - Grade 12: 60-minute educational model

Art in Sport for Grades K-4

Art intertwines with sports through mascots, jerseys, and medals, showcasing its diverse forms within the realm of athletics. Students will uncover the myriad expressions of art associated with sports, experiencing a deep sense of pride connected to the artistic symbols representing our nation. Engaging in hands-on exploration of sports-related artifacts and expressing their own creativity, students will delve into the artistic dimensions of sports. Our aim is to ignite inspiration among both budding artists and passionate sports enthusiasts!

Lasting Traditions for Grades 4-8


The cultural heritage of Alberta's Indigenous communities has given rise to enduring traditions that persist throughout our province and nation. Students will uncover the contemporary manifestations of these traditions and delve into specific instances of traditional sports. Additionally, they will explore indigenous sports artifacts, notable figures, and engage in activities inspired by the Arctic Winter Games, contributing to the ongoing legacies of Indigenous traditions.

Adaptive Sports for Grades 6-12 

Explore the Realm of Adaptive Sports

Delve into the dynamic world of adaptive sports, examining the trailblazers who dismantled barriers and shattered stereotypes. Through the achievements of athletes in adaptive sports, students will develop a heightened appreciation for inclusive athletics, discovering the stories of these remarkable Albertans. The exploration will extend to technological advancements that have fostered the growth of adaptive sports, providing insight into the innovative tools and solutions that have contributed to their evolution.

See full program outlines below

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