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"When we started to think about estate planning and after putting aside for our family, we decided the rest should go towards things we care about. We are passionate about sports and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is an accomplished organization that will effectively ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy and experience our sports heritage. We hope that others will join in helping support the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in perpetuity." 

                                                                 - Margaret Phelan


Ways To Give

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame needs your support to continue the ongoing preservation of Alberta's sports history and the development of museum exhibits. We are grateful and appreciative for the generosity of our supporters and friends. We would be happy to assist you in choosing how your personal legacy will be fulfilled.

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame is a recognized charitable organization BN 88797 8963RR0001.

For more information or to discuss your giving to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame please contact Tracey at or 403-341-8614. 


Legacy Giving- Your planned gift will help to preserve your legacy and the legacy of Alberta sports. 

Monthly Giving- Your monthly donation is the gift that keeps on giving to help preserve Alberta's sports history.

Memorial Giving- A thoughtful way to commemorate & celebrate a loved one who has passed.

Donation of Publicly Traded Securities- When you donate securities, you will receive a charitable donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities just as if your gift had been a cash donation.

Host a Fundraiser- Organize your own event to benefit the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

Book the Facility- Facility rentals help to offset operational costs. 

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