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The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame is a great opportunity for students of all ages to experience and explore some of Alberta’s incredible sport history and heroes. Students will have the chance to see how sports, sports equipment, and athletes have evolved throughout the years. In all the school programs we offer this year we hope to inspire learning beyond the classroom.

Students will be able to use the museum as a new classroom through behind the scene tours, inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities.

Museum personnel are eager to share their knowledge and resources with you and your students to meet educational goals and establish community partnerships in learning. Let's build a stronger community now and in the future.

Proud supporter of the Beyond the Classroom Education Program

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame invites the teachers and students of your school to book your Beyond the Classroom field trip with us today. Touring the museum could be one of the greatest hands-on learning opportunities that you and your students can experience. Students can have a behind the scenes tour of the museum, see how things are archived and stored, handle old artefacts and then record their day in their own take-home journal. Sport heroes, legends, community builders, amazing athletes and people who have left an impact on sport around the world and in our province are all under one roof, right here in your own backyard.

How to Book:

1. Choose an Education Package

  • All of our education packages are listed on this page.

  • These programs are designed for a recommended class size of 10-40 students.

  • For additional students, please allocate extra time for your visit.


2. Choose a date that works for you and plan how long you are visiting.

  • Add your Education Module time PLUS some museum play time for the ultimate experience!

  • We recommend an hour or more of museum play time so that everyone can try all of the interactives!

  • Rules Rules! is 20 minutes long, while Fairplay & Respect is 45 minutes!

3. Phone 403-341-8614  (preferably a minimum of seven days prior to visit)

We will need the following information:

  • School name, address, phone number

  • Contact name, phone number and e-mail address

  • Date and time of request

  • Number of students and grade level

  • Education module

  • Credit Card Information

4. Check your email for the confirmation email.

Teaching Packages

Kindergarten - Grade 4

Rules Rule!

The world we live in is full of rules! This program explores some of the rules we live with, why they are important, and how those rules help us live in harmony at home, in the classroom, and in sport. The students will spend time brainstorming new ideas on how to make our world a better place through following the rules, and being kind to the people around us. This education program will allow children to understand the roles of the volunteers, coaches and to see the roles of their own parents in the community. We will end this program with a physical activity to practice the skills we have learned.

Times Gone By

What stories do objects tell us? What do they teach us about the cultures or people who made or owned them? Objects make us wonder: who made this? Who wore this? What was it used for? They spark our imagination as we wonder about their owners and the time period they came from. Many amazing objects and stories are donated to museums. We will use these objects and stories to trace the evolution of sports equipment and study the origins of a sport and its development over the years. Together we can understand times gone by.

The Art in Sports

Creativity, beauty, art and design are all part of sport in our country. If you watch the athletes parade on the opening day of the Olympics you will see some of the most amazing designs and colours on the athlete's attire. Who designs these outfits, or the clothes worn by athletes; are there rules and guidelines they must follow? Which goalie has the most interesting mask, what equipment has the most interesting design? Olympic medals are considered a work of art and there are beautiful awards and trophies given out at competitions. Your class will discover the many symbols and designs of past Olympic medals. Students will have the chance to design their own medal or jersey and become a part of the art in sports.

Grade 5 - Grade 8

Body Balance

This program emphasizes two major components of a healthy lifestyle: eating well and being physically active. This hands-on program helps students identify just how much sugar is in each of their favorite treats and gives them the knowledge to make balanced choices about their own eating habits.Physical activity and play has shown to improve a child’s motor function, creativity, decision making, problem-solving and social skills. These skills contribute to successful learning. We encourage your students to add physical activity into their day and help them find fun ways to do this! Habits formed early in life can last a lifetime.

Lasting Traditions

Indigenous sport and games can be used to teach a lesson. Many of the indigenous children's games taught lessons of survival and basic life skills; while other games had a spiritual value. Traditions and games were passed from one generation to another through ceremonies, dances, and stories. Many of these have been lost or forgotten in recent generations. The goal in this program is to capture some of the fascinating indigenous culture and sport history and share it in a fun way that will leave a lasting impression.

Be The Change

In order for communities to grow and thrive, we need volunteers to take leadership roles. Many Honoured Members of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame have made huge impacts through sport in our province and around the world. With commitment, desire and a passion to make things better for others they have been honoured for their volunteerism. Many of our youth have the capacity and potential to inspire others and make a difference as well and this program will allow them to brainstorm the big, medium and small ways they can make this happen in their own communities. This education program will allow children to understand the roles of the volunteers, coaches, and to see the roles of the people around them in their community.

Grade 9 - Grade 12

The Science In Sport

Athletes continue to amaze the world as they become safer, bigger, faster, and stronger compared to athletes years ago. Athletes need more protection, better equipment and medical services to continue to reach professional and Olympic status. Who invents, designs, and tests the equipment these athletes require and use? How is equipment designed differently when it comes to adaptive sport? Innovation is the key to the next generation of athletes and the students in your classroom who might be the next scientist or inventor to create or perfect a piece of sports equipment.

Fairplay & Respect

Albertans old and young, spend hours watching sporting events and equal hours participating in sporting activities. We pick our favorite athletes, teams and sport heroes; follow their careers with enthusiasm and pride. Sports can teach us many things such as commitment, dedication, hard work, responsibility, fair play, respect and teamwork. Many Alberta athletes and teams have achieved their dreams and goals but not without hardships and obstacles. A few of Alberta’s Olympic athletes have encountered some extraordinary experiences that have taught others the true meaning of fair play and respect in sport.

Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds

"The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy."- unknown. The three major components of healthy lifestyles that are emphasized in this program are eating well, positive body image, and being physically active. It is recommended that youth participate in 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Many students need to make changes to their daily lives to include that much physical activity and this program helps suggest ways to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into their daily lives. The largest component of this program is focusing on keeping our minds healthy. This can be done through goal setting. This program teaches the 'SMART' goal setting technique (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) and allows time for students to set their own SMART goals before they leave the session for the day.

Choose from three different packages below depending on student grade levels. 

Kindergarten - Grade 4: 20-minute educational model

Grade 5 - Grade 8: 30-minute educational model

Grade 9 - Grade 12: 45-minute educational model

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