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Beyond the Classroom Education

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame is a great opportunity for students of all ages to experience and explore some of Alberta’s incredible sport history and heroes. Students will have the chance to see how sports, sports equipment, and athletes have evolved throughout the years. In all the school programs we offer this year we hope to inspire learning beyond the classroom.

Students will be able to use the Hall as a new classroom through behind the scene tours, inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities.

Our staff are eager to share their knowledge and resources with you and your students to meet educational goals and establish community partnerships in learning. Let's build a stronger community now and in the future.


Proud supporter of the Beyond the Classroom Education Program

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame invites teachers and students to book your Beyond the Classroom field trip with us today. Touring the Hall could be one of the greatest hands-on learning opportunities that you and your students can experience. Students can have a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hall, see how things are archived and stored, handle old artifacts, and try playing many of the sports they love.  Sport heroes, legends, community builders, amazing athletes and people who have left an impact on sport around the world and in our province are all under one roof, right here in your own backyard.

How to Book:

1. Choose an Education Package

  • All of our education packages are listed on this page.

  • Every education program has a combination of physical literacy and structured learning.

  • These programs are designed for a recommended class size of 10-40 students.

  • For additional students, please allocate extra time for your visit.


2. Choose a date that works for you and plan how long you are visiting.

  • Add your Education Module time PLUS some museum playtime for the ultimate experience!

  • We recommend an hour or more of museum playtime so that everyone can try all of the interactives!

  • We can modify any program based on age. The younger the students the shorter the formal program

3. Phone 403-341-8614  (preferably a minimum of seven days prior to visit)

We will need the following information:

  • School name, address, phone number

  • Contact name, phone number, and e-mail address

  • Date and time of the request

  • Number of students and grade level

  • Education module

  • Credit card Information

Cost of School Programs:

1-30 Participants - $75.00

31- 60 Participants - $150.00

Additional Adults $7 each

Need help funding your trip?

Daytrippers can help! Learn more here
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Teaching Packages

Choose from three different packages below depending on student grade levels. 
Kindergarten - Grade 4: 20-minute educational model
Grade 5 - Grade 8: 30-minute educational model
Grade 9 - Grade 12: 45-minute educational model

NEW FOR 2023!- Adaptive Sports- Take a closer look at the world of adaptive sports. From the builders who broke down the barriers and stereotypes to the athletes who have excelled in adaptive sports, students will gain a new respect for inclusive sport through the stories of these Albertans. We will look at some of the technological advancements which have allowed adaptive sports to grow. 

Art in Sport- Through mascots, jerseys, and medals, art can be seen in many aspects of sport. Students will discover the many forms art can take and the sense of pride that is associated with artistic symbols of our country. Through hands-on artifact explorations and expressions of their own creativity students will explore art in sport. We hope to inspire both the artists and sports fans within!

Lasting Traditions- Albertan Indigenous culture has provided many lasting traditions that continue today all across our province and country. Students will discover where these traditions live on as well as explore some examples of traditional sports. Students will also investigate Indigenous sports artifacts, important figures and try their hand at some Arctic Winter Games, continuing the legacies of Indigenous traditions

Fair Play and Respect- Many Albertan athletes have achieved their Olympic dreams but not without obstacles to overcome. Students will discover some incredible stories about local athletes that have paved the way for fair play and respect in Olympic competition and exemplified the true meaning of moral ethics in sport.

See full program outlines below

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