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Museum Lobby

These exhibits are located in the building's main lobby and free for all to see, so don't miss out! 2019 Inductees - Make a stop at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum to see the exhibits dedicated to our new inducted Hall of Fame Honoured Members. Artefact of the Month - This monthly display showcases unique and interesting items from the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum's collection. Check back each month for the next great artefact! Mark Tewksbury - an extension of "True to You in Sport." found in our Honoured Members Gallery. The new exhibit celebrates the stories of our 2SLGBTQIA+ Honoured Members, and the challenges they have overcome to be both true to themselves and elite athletes.

Featured Exhibit

When Sports Stopped This new exhibition looks at global events from the Spanish Flu through both World Wars and right up to COVID and the effects that these events have had on sports. It highlights multiple occurrences in the past when international events have brought a stop to sport. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic Albertans have been adapting to one change after another with no idea as to when things will return to “normal”. We are living through a historic time. The cancellation of sports- from minor leagues that our children competed in, to the professional leagues being suspended- was a shock to our systems as we were coming into NHL and NBA playoffs and MLB pre-season games. Come learn more in person

Art Gallery

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to the preservation of history and sports art. Our Art Collection is composed of more than 1,000 pieces including paintings, sculptures, prints, posters, and photographs. We recognize the importance of cultural connectivity in athletic competition expressed through contemporary and historical sports art. The gallery also periodically features showings by renowned sport artists. For more information on becoming a featured artist contact Collections@albertasportshall.ca or read more here. What's Up Now? Cam Wilson

I took up the art of hockey again approximately 15 years ago when not busy in my career as a freelance illustrator and designer. Hockey Canada hired me for a period of approximately 4 years designing and illustrating posters for tournaments and events. I also created limited Edition Prints that were licensed by the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins. The Edmonton Oilers hired me to design playoff tickets.

During these years I have painted many Legends. Designed and Illustrated posters. I have also created a series of 8 works called “The Goalie Archives and another series portraying dogs as Hockey Stars called of course, The Hockey Dog All Stars. I have also written stories for each of the artworks in these series.

Hall of Fame Gallery

Our Hall of Fame Gallery is dedicated to featuring outstanding sports people who have been inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame since 1957. Visitors can view displays of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia honouring Alberta's rich sports heritage and learn about the many Hall of Fame Honoured Members who have brought pride to the province through their outstanding accomplishments. This gallery is currently showcasing some of our amazing female Honoured Members who have made outstanding contributions to sport in Alberta.

Museum Exhibits

Ski Ballet - Learn more about the forgotten freestyle discpline of Ski Ballet. Pioneering Sports in Alberta- This exhibit highlights the diverse multiculturalism that sport in Alberta was built on. Without the contributions of pioneers such as these the landscape of sport in the province would be very different. Exhibit Features Honoured Members Raymond Knight and Earl Bascom, Sugarfoot Anderson, George Woolf, John Hogan and Alex Decoteau. Be sure to come and learn more about these amazing pioneers and others during your next visit to the ASHFM. Baseball in Alberta- Find out which Drumheller native still stands as the world record holder for the longest throw of a baseball from 1957, along with key players in Alberta's baseball history such as the former Edmonton Trappers. Edmonton Grads - Come view relics from the legendary women's basketball team dating back from 1915 to 1940. Golf - Come and check out the mechanics behind how the sport of golf works, and how far technology has evolved this sport.

"Endless Possibilities" Adaptive Sports Gallery

This gallery was renovated in 2019 to include a new AudioVisual component to allow visitors to see first hand how some of our para and special olympic sports are competed in. Currently on display is a history of the Paralympic movement and several Honoured Members who have competed for Canada at the Paralympics over the year. Some of these include Robert Easton, Dean Kozak, Lauren Woolstencroft, and Elaine Ell.

Sport Organization Showcase

Central Alberta Freestyle Ski Club Our programs include Fundamentals for ages five and up, Freestylerz for ages nine and up, and Canfree for ages 12 and up, subject to the athlete’s ski ability. Throughout the programs, athletes progress from learning fundamental freestyle skiing skills to mogul, big air and slope style skills, allowing them to compete at the club and provincial level. Year-round training is available, and depending on the ages and program levels of athletes, they may participate in winter hill skiing at Canyon Ski Resort, with off-season training at the Three Mile Bend water ramps and trampoline facility. If you would like more information on Freestyle Skiing : https://www.cafsc.ca/ Would you like to be showcased in our Sport Organization showcase please contact Breanna at collections@albertasportshall.ca . We are booking for the year 2022! For information on this exhibit please see the attached PDF

Past Exhibits

Celebrating 100 Years of NHL - Did you know that Honoured Member Red Dutton was once the president of the NHL? This exhibit highlights the major moments in the development of the NHL as well as showcases some iconic Battle of Alberta moments. Canoe Polo - Ever wonder why a sport played in kayaks is called Canoe Polo? Come find the answer and how your can participate in this new exhibit about Canoe Polo in Alberta. Roller Derby - Ever wondered what all the hype was about with Roller Derby? This exhibit gives you a breakdown of the game and all the information needed for you to try the sport for yourself. Big thanks to Jam Slamwitch and the ladies with CARDA for helping us put this together. Boxing - Honoured Member Kai Yip is on display for his impressive boxing career in this new exhibit. Curling Tams - Ever wonder where the iconic curling tam came from? Come and find the answer for yourself. Rhythmic Gymnastics - Get up close and personal with some of the equipment used by our Rhythmic Gymnasts when they create art with their bodies on the floor. Field Hockey - Learn about women's Field Hockey with an emphasis on 2013 Inductee Dru Marshall. Judo - Check out the exhibit on the history of Judo in Alberta highlighting the careers of Honoured Members Keith Morgan, Joe Meli, Yoshio Senda, and Yoshio Katsuta.

Future Exhibits

Soccer- Alberta might not be known for soccer, but we have some amazing athletes who have competed for Team Canada and made quite the difference. Squash- Discover how squash and sports organizations are fulfilling their goals to “develop squash and leave a substantial legacy for the squash community”.

Ice & Snow Gallery

There are two seasons in Alberta – Winter and “Not Winter”. Albertans adapt to the winter season that can last from early September to late May by enjoying the ice and snow. Some winter sports you learn as a child; the passion for them can last a lifetime. You can also virtually experience the rush of going down a bobsled track with honoured member Lyndon Rush!

Alberta Hockey Gallery

The Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame (AHHF) Gallery officially opened its doors on November 19, 2005 as a place to showcase and recognize those people who have dedicated themselves to the game of hockey. It is through this Gallery that we can reflect on the achievement, passion, wisdom, and leadership of those before us. Dating back to 1982, each year a group of individuals and teams has been honoured with induction into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame. It is within the AHHF Gallery where items from the Induction class, such as trophies, medallions, artifacts, and stories are displayed for the year along with the recognition of our current champions and Alberta's hockey history. The Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame is a celebration of those before us and is funded through the Hockey Alberta Foundation in partnership with the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, the host location for the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation and education of the rich history of hockey and all sports in our communities throughout Alberta. Our goal is to build communities through the celebration of our game.

Orest Korbutt Theater

The Orest Korbutt Theatre celebrates some of the greatest sporting achievements in Albertan and Canadian history. These extraordinary moments from Alberta's rich sport heritage are captured forever and displayed proudly in our 40 seat theatre. Our Beyond the Classroom Education Packages are held in this room to help our youth be inspired by their sport heroes. Discover these facts and much more!

  • Glen Gorbous achieved the world record for the longest throw of a baseball; 135.89 meters (445 feet 10 inches)
  • Jackie Parker was nicknamed "Ol' Spaghetti Legs" while playing for the 1954 Edmonton Eskimos Grey Cup Championship team
  • Christine Nordhagen is hailed the Pioneer of women's wrestling
  • Susan Nattrass was the first woman to compete in the Olympics in shooting events

In addition to numerous permanent galleries, the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame showcases a variety of changing exhibitions throughout the exhibit space. With thousands of objects in the museum's collections, there's always something new to discover.