Museum Lobby & Resource Centre

These exhibits are located in the building's main lobby and free for all to see, so don't miss out! 2018 Inductees - Make a stop at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum to see the exhibits dedicated to our new inducted Hall of Fame Honoured Members. Artefact of the Month - This monthly display showcases unique and interesting items from the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum's collection. Check back each month for the next great artefact! 2019 Canada Winter Games Bid Chuckwagon - Red Deer is proud to be hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games. One of the ways Red Deer set itself apart from other big communities in Alberta was sending its bid proposals to the Bid Committee via a mini-chuckwagon. This beautiful piece of art represents Alberta Heritage and has carvings of all of the Canada Winter Games sports we hope to have in the 2019 Games. Stop by and ask us about the 2019 Canada Winter Games! Calgary Cannons Baseball Team - This is the exhibit that will give you your BANG for your buck... not only is this exhibit accessible for FREE in our Resource Centre, but it also used to go BANG! Come see for yourself! 1995 AGT March of Champions Torch Relay - As a part of the legacy from the 1995 Canada Winter Games, a time capsule was created to capture the spirit of the games as the AGT March of Champions torch travelled through 16 communities in Alberta with each community contributing an item to the time capsule along with a community signed AGT Spirit of Alberta Ribbon. The capsule was sealed and given to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in trust to be opened the next time a Canada Games was held in Alberta. Come see some of the items from the time capsule on display. Click HERE the complete list of items in the time capsule. Canada Games Centennial Cup - The ASHFM is proud to host the Canada Games Centennial Cup on behalf of Team Alberta, the recipents of the award at the recent 2019 Canada Winter Games. The Centennial Cup exemplifies the pan-Canadian sport development objective of the Canada Games. It is presented to the provincial or territorial team that shows the greatest improvement from one Summer Games to the next or from one Winter Games to the next. Be sure to stop in and see it on display while it is up!

Featured Exhibit

The Games We Play The games we grow up playing with our families are often our first glimpse into the types of activities we will come to love as teens and adults. Through games, from board games to video games, fans have found a way to become more and more connected to the sports they love. As gaming systems evolved, such as the Wii and XBox Kinect, they have allowed fans to relate to sports on a new level. As technology continues to evolve and we enter into the world of virtual reality, video games are now providing the ultimate fan experience. Through virtual and augmented reality, the fan becomes a member of their favourite teams and can actively participate in their favourite games while in the comfort of their own home. Join us as we remember the games and gaming systems which sparked our love of sports through The Games We Play exhibit. Thank you to the Games Music for their support in the creation of this exhibit.

Art Gallery

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to the preservation of history and sports art. Our Art Collection is composed of more than 1,000 pieces including paintings, sculptures, prints, posters, and photographs. We recognize the importance of cultural connectivity in athletic competition expressed through contemporary and historical sports art. The gallery also periodically features showings by renowned sport artists. What's Up Now? Remembering the Legacy - a series of prints and posters from the ASHFM Collection remembering the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Hall of Fame Gallery

Our Hall of Fame Gallery is dedicated to featuring outstanding sports people who have been inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame since 1957. Visitors can view displays of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia honouring Alberta's rich sports heritage and learn about the many Hall of Fame Honoured Members who have brought pride to the province through their outstanding accomplishments.

Museum Exhibits

Edmonton Eskimos Majorettes - Learn more about the Edmonton Eskimos Majorettes! These women were the precursors to the Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleaders. They were only around for a few years but experienced many amazing things. 2019 Canada Winter Games - Red Deer is proud to host the 2019 Canada Winter Games from February 15 - March 3, 2019. In the months leading up to the CWG, we will be rotating through exhibits for all 19 official sports. Come join the excitement as we prepare to welcome the 2019 Canada Winter Games to Red Deer. Current sports featured in the 2019 Canada Winter Games exhibit: Boxing, Trampoline, Short Track Speed Skating, Badminton, and Wheelchair Basketball. The previously featured sports: Artistic Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Ringette, Synchronized Swimming, Alpine/Para-Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Squash, Long Track Speed Skating, Judo, Table Tennis, Snowboarding and Hockey. Swimming - What is the IM? Do you know all the strokes needed to win an Olympic Medal in the Medley Relay like Honoured Member Barb Clark Parolin? This exhibit will break it down for you step by step. Edmonton Grads - Come view relics from the legendary women's basketball team dating back from 1915 to 1940. Golf - Did you know that the ASHFM has held an annual Golf Tournament for over 25 years? Check out our amazing history and the shiny trophy on display now!

"Endless Possibilities" Adaptive Sports Gallery

Celebrating 50 Years of Wheelchair Sports- Wheelchair Sports Canada is celebrating 50 years of empowering disabled athletes to succeed. This case showcases 3 different wheelchairs including two of Honoured Member Robert Easton's Racing Wheelchairs. It is full of information of many of the different sports that have been developed by WSC.

Sport Organization Showcase

Alberta Artistic Swimming Albert Artistic Swimming, formally known as Synchronized Swimming has set up a beautiful exhibit showcasing some of thier stunning swimsuits, and highlighting some of the incredible athletes who have competed for them around the world. Make sure to come in and learn more about the amazing athletic opportunities available through Alberta Artistic Swimming. Would you like to be our next Sport Organization featured in our Sport Organization Showcase? Contact Hilary at 403-341-8614. We are booking for the year 2019-2020!

Past Exhibits

Celebrating 100 Years of NHL - Did you know that Honoured Member Red Dutton was once the president of the NHL? This exhibit highlights the major moments in the development of the NHL as well as showcases some iconic Battle of Alberta moments. Canoe Polo - Ever wonder why a sport played in kayaks is called Canoe Polo? Come find the answer and how your can participate in this new exhibit about Canoe Polo in Alberta. Roller Derby - Ever wondered what all the hype was about with Roller Derby? This exhibit gives you a breakdown of the game and all the information needed for you to try the sport for yourself. Big thanks to Jam Slamwitch and the ladies with CARDA for helping us put this together. Boxing - Honoured Member Kai Yip is on display for his impressive boxing career in this new exhibit. Curling Tams - Ever wonder where the iconic curling tam came from? Come and find the answer for yourself. Rhythmic Gymnastics - Get up close and personal with some of the equipment used by our Rhythmic Gymnasts when they create art with their bodies on the floor. Field Hockey - Learn about women's Field Hockey with an emphasis on 2013 Inductee Dru Marshall. Judo - Check out the exhibit on the history of Judo in Alberta highlighting the careers of Honoured Members Keith Morgan, Joe Meli, Yoshio Senda, and Yoshio Katsuta.

Future Exhibits

Trap Shooting - Learn more about one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting and some of the amazing Albertans who have excelled in the sport. Alberta Deaf Sports Association - The ASHFM will be partnering with the Alberta Deaf Sports Association to build an exhibit utilizing our Adaptive Sports Gallery to bring awareness to a few of the amazing sports and athletes of the deaf sports community. Be sure to stop by to learn more about this amazing association and the athletes they work with.

Ice & Snow Gallery

There are two seasons in Alberta – Winter and “Not Winter”. Albertans adapt to the winter season that can last from early September to late May by enjoying the ice and snow. Some winter sports you learn as a child; the passion for them can last a lifetime.

Alberta Hockey Gallery

The Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame (AHHF) Gallery officially opened its doors on November 19, 2005 as a place to showcase and recognize those people who have dedicated themselves to the game of hockey. It is through this Gallery that we can reflect on the achievement, passion, wisdom, and leadership of those before us. Dating back to 1982, each year a group of individuals and teams has been honoured with induction into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame. It is within the AHHF Gallery where items from the Induction class, such as trophies, medallions, artifacts, and stories are displayed for the year along with the recognition of our current champions and Alberta's hockey history. The Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame is a celebration of those before us and is funded through the Hockey Alberta Foundation in partnership with the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, the host location for the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation and education of the rich history of hockey and all sports in our communities throughout Alberta. Our goal is to build communities through the celebration of our game.

Orest Korbutt Theater

The Orest Korbutt Theatre celebrates some of the greatest sporting achievements in Albertan and Canadian history. These extraordinary moments from Alberta's rich sport heritage are captured forever and displayed proudly in our 40 seat theatre. Our Beyond the Classroom Education Packages are held in this room to help our youth be inspired by their sport heroes. Discover these facts and much more!

  • Glen Gorbous achieved the world record for the longest throw of a baseball; 135.89 meters (445 feet 10 inches)
  • Jackie Parker was nicknamed "Ol' Spaghetti Legs" while playing for the 1954 Edmonton Eskimos Grey Cup Championship team
  • Christine Nordhagen is hailed the Pioneer of women's wrestling
  • Susan Nattrass was the first woman to compete in the Olympics in shooting events

In addition to numerous permanent galleries, the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame showcases a variety of changing exhibitions throughout the exhibit space. With thousands of objects in the museum's collections, there's always something new to discover.

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