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Complete Guide for Game Day at Spitz Stadium

The ultimate Game Day Guide for the WCBL Baseball Team the Lethbridge Bulls. How to get to the stadium, refreshments, restaurants, and hotels. Ticket pricing, parking, and a brief bio of the team. Everything you will need to Get into the Game!

Lethbridge Bulls History

It’s been a long journey to bring the Lethbridge Bulls to Spitz Stadium, though we have always had baseball. The Bulls, while being a newer club, have a strong foundation of traditional baseball meets modern entertainment value. We’ve come a long way over the years! In 1992, the Lethbridge Mounties played their inaugural season only to be renamed the Lethbridge Black Diamonds 3 years later. In 1988, the Black Diamonds chose to abruptly leave the city, once again leaving a void in our baseball-shaped hearts.

Thankfully, through the hard work and dedication of the local baseball advocates, 1999 saw the launch of the Lethbridge Bulls, the current lead tenant of Spitz Stadium, the 2015 WMBL Champions, and Lethbridge’s home baseball team. In 2021, the Lethbridge Bulls will play a 40 game regular season which includes 20 home games throughout June, July, and August followed by playoffs which will take place August 16-18 (semi-finals) and August 20-22 (Championship Series). The Lethbridge Bulls average over 1,000 fans per game, with a grand stand total of 30,000 in 2019. Over the last ten years numerous upgrades have been done to Spitz Stadium including a LED video bird, grandstand appearance and seating, terrace addition, patio improvements and much more. Since 1907, baseball has held an official stance in a city that only 22 years earlier had earned its name. Fast forward to today and find that the passion for baseball (and beer) at Spitz Stadium is still very much alive.

Attending a Lethbridge Bulls baseball game

About Spitz Stadium:

Spitz Stadium, formerly known as Henderson Stadium, first opened its doors way back in 1924. Dated May 17, 1924, the Lethbridge Daily Herald published an article simply titled, "Henderson Park Fund". The article gives a voice to the story of the Henderson Park Commission and their vision of a new baseball venue in Lethbridge into production. The Henderson Park Fund was instructed to raise $1,200 in order to secure "the Henderson Park ball grounds and playing park". Currently, people regularly donate money through a wide array of services available to us in this day and age. In 1924, the Henderson Park Commission raised the money exclusively through a systematic canvassing system headed by Tom Ridpath. The original article features a list of all those who donated money to the fund and includes every donor right down to the last 50 cents contributed. The next objective of the Henderson Park Commission was to get the first ever game at Henderson Park to be played. On May 24, 1924, with the help of a local band and large parade, the Lethbridge squad took on the Medicine Hat team. And so Henderson Stadium was born and still stands at 2425 Parkside Drive South, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 4W3 to this day.

The grandstand as we know it today was built in 1975. Henderson Park became Henderson Stadium which became Spitz Stadium in 2008 after Spitz signed on for a 15-year deal. The Stadium has came a long way from the days of establishing the funding to build the grounds to the present-day Spitz Stadium, where the Bulls were very pleased to be able to show off a brand new video board, new prime seating, etc. in the 2012 season. In 2013, Spitz Stadium hosted its first ever Stadium Concert featuring Canadian Country Super Star, Aaron Pritchett. Spitz Stadium has also partnered with the Lethbridge Bulls in hosting many charity events for the Alzheimer's Society, Police and Fire Fighter Charities, and many others.

Where to park near Spitz Stadium:

There is free parking at the stadium.

Buying Lethbridge Bulls tickets

To buy tickets you need to visit our website and ticket prices range from $7.50 - $25.00 depending on zone and age. Full Schedule

Food and Drinks at Spitz Stadium:

We have the best ballpark concession, from hot dogs and burgers to taco in a bag and nacho supreme. Looking for something light we have chips, popcorn, candy, and chocolate. We also have a wide variety of drinks.

After the Game:

Restaurants near Spitz Stadium:

Spitz Stadium is located right of Mayor Magrath so in every direction there are wonderful restaurant options like Montana’s, Boston Pizza, Ricky’s, Dennys, etc. Including a wide range of fast food options as well.

Hotels near Spitz Stadium:

Right by Spitz Stadium there is Coast Lethbridge Hotel, Ramada, Holiday Inn, and Sandman.

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