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The Hall of Fame has got a Major Update: Hall of Fame Virtual Locker Room

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum has a mission to preserve and celebrate Alberta's rich sports history for all to enjoy. This is done in large part through the recognition of Alberta athletes that have competed at the Canada Games and the induction of our Honoured Members. We utilize these athletes, builders, pioneers, teams, and media to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams. The ability to preserve and share the stories of success and overcoming adversity and other boundaries such as race, poverty, gender, and many others is critical in inspiring the next generation and strengthening those who embrace sport within our province. By transforming the way that we share these stories to be more accessible, means that more Albertans will learn from these amazing individuals and see that they too can accomplish great things. Today’s youth engage with history through interactive platforms and learn through play.

Showcasing the achievements of these athletes and builders can provide the spark needed to help inspire individuals to achieve their goals. Our new space includes a 33-foot mural that is the backdrop for the three touch screen kiosks that house Hall of Fame Virtual Locker Room. This digital experience allows visitors to explore and learn about Alberta's sports heroes and their accomplishments. This update allows us to use multiple mediums such as imagery, murals, videos, and text to share these stories and provide accessibility for all ages in an interactive way. By taking all this information to a digital platform we can share the information and inspirational stories of these remarkable Albertans and ensure that we have the capacity to continue to preserve, share and celebrate these individuals. Funding for this space was provided by The Legacy Fund from the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

Alberta Sports Hall of Fame continues to strive to be a safe space and community hub for all segments of the population to gather and encourage them to lead healthy lifestyles and pursue their dreams and goals. When Albertans feel connected to an organization and what they do, the physical location becomes a safe space. Because sport is so much more than just physical activity, our long-term objective is achieved through this enhancement is the continued preservation, enrichment, and development of individuals, communities, and sport in Alberta.


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