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Looking for Local Artists

Call for Artists

Did you know that the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum has a section of the museum dedicated to art in sport?

Every six months, the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum showcases an Albertan artists work that is connected to sport in some way. This display will allow artist to promote and showcase their work to our visitors at no charge to the artist.

What we provide:

- A hallway approximately 10’ long and 16’ high with no natural light.

- A pre-hung support bar for easy installation of hanging work

- Assistance in setting up and taking down your exhibit

- Promotion of your exhibit on our website and social media platforms

What you provide:

- Art and signage ready for the exhibit- cost of printing or framing is on the artist

- A biography on the artist

- People to come and help set up and take down your exhibit as needed

- Information and handouts as desired

For more information or to book please contact Breanna Suk at or 403-341-8614

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